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DRES System – The Personal Styling System Designed Around Your Unique Self

Through a simple, straighforward assessment, your natural style is revealed.

A complete style guide tailored specifically to you.

Developed by Margaret Spencer, this unique personal styling system works with any body shape, face shape, color palette, and personality.

No more guessing if something looks good on you.

Or hoping your girlfriends are actually right and telling you the full truth about that latest outfit.

Or having to stress out about figuring out what to wear.

It’s your secret weapon to effortless style.

The DRES System is a simple, objective process that reveals exactly what looks best to accentuate your natural, desirable assets in the right way.

And soon, with DRES Code, you’ll even be able to reveal the basics of your DRES profile yourself! (Get on the list to be the first to know when it’s released)

For more in-depth and personal attention, see Margaret herself. You can go beyond the basics and work with Margaret one on one, helping you implement the full, personalized DRES System into your wardrobe and lifestyle right away.

Polish your style with Margaret!

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Are You Ready? Now’s the Time!

The DRES System is about accentuating the very best you have to offer the world. To take on the world with confidence.

Transform the way you look and feel with a proven system.

Fretting over the perfect look becomes a distant memory… making style fun again! And making boosting your personal brand a breeze.

Whether you want to look amazing in your daily life, or polish your professional image…

Don’t let another day slip by:

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