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Our trademarked DRES System, and Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire body shapes, provide a positive way to identify your shape that women embrace. We offer DRES Code, a DIY image styling course on our website and personal image styling through our DRES Stylists. The DRES brand promotes a positive self image and represents acceptance of every body, no matter your age, shape, race, style or color. We celebrate diversity and promote strong confident women though our makeovers.

Margaret Spencer, founder of DRES and creator of the DRES System, has trained and certified over 75 Personal Image Stylists. She has taken her art, design and marketing background in corporate America and applied it to Personal Image Styling, to developed the DRES System. Her entrepreneur experience includes ten years as the owner and designer of a graphic design agency with world brands such as Nike, Intel and Microsoft; five years as the owner and instructor of an art school; and eleven years operating the DRES System styling agency and working with every woman, from domestic goddess to pilot to physician.

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