By Nancy Hogan Neill, Wordsmith and Marketing Assistant

Let’s face it, ladies. We’ve all seen other women who have chosen to leave their homes dressed in clothing that’s just too young. I call this phenomenon, “mutton dressed as lamb.” And it’s never happened to you, right? Especially since there are many examples to be had from 30-ish or 40-ish actors and celebrities like Amy Adams and Tina Fey to more mature icons: Jacqueline Bisset, Peggy Lipton or Helen Mirren. Here are some specific examples of age-appropriate dressing:




Ms. Mirren is an outstanding example of an agelessly stylish woman, and she’s 67. She appeared on the Today Show recently wearing a simple dress with sheer, dark tights and booties. Again, she looked chic, contemporary, stylish and entirely age appropriate. If her booties had been gold lamé? Probably not so much.

An article from a U.K.-based newspaper’s online site writes that nine out of ten women like to dress themselves younger than their actual age. What’s more, the same women intend to keep doing so until they reach 70. But why stop there? As long it’s done with ageless style.

Whether you’re 31 or 81, dressing your age doesn’t have to be difficult. As you mature, think of your choices in terms of slightly less arm and leg, less sheer/drapey fabric, slightly more subdued colors, simpler clothing cuts and more classic styles. Remember, if you’re asking yourself, “Does this look too young on me?” Then it is.

It’s easy to see which clothing styles work for any body shape simply using the DRES System. And your DRES System Certified Stylist can easily guide you in making age-appropriate choices:

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