By Nancy Hogan, Wordsmith & Marketing Assistant

Last week I blogged about the DRES System’s 12 Color Codes, which classify and simplify selecting the colors that bring out any woman’s brilliance.

The DRES System’s 12 Color Codes are just one part of the powerful tool that is the DRES Club, available free of charge at Once you’ve created your free account at, you’ll be briefly quizzed on your lifestyle. For instance, whether you work in a corporate office or work from home will determine your core wardrobe needs.


The next step is determining that Color Code I mentioned, and this is where a DRES System Certified Personal Stylist comes in handy. She is trained, tested and certified to help find your Ultimate Colors.

After taking a fun quiz, you’ll then find out what your DRES Style is: Classic, Chic, Romantic, Ethnic or Dramatic. You may even find yourself dressing in more than one style. And that’s OK!

The last step is entering your body measurements, another area where a DRES System Stylist can really help: Then you’ll be shown your DRES Shape: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire, which is your ultimate guide to what works for you.

Then the real magic begins! You’ll be able to upload photos of you, in your key outfits, for everything from casual to formal and outerwear. There’s simply no better way to see if what you think is a great outfit truly does bring out your brilliance.

You’ll be able to create a personalized shopping list, and even see items in your own personal DRES System Showroom that have been selected for you based on your DRES System Profile. Brilliant!




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