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Online Personal Stylist Certification

We are excited to announce that the DRES System Personal Stylist training and certification program is now available online! This is a great opportunity to nurture and fulfill your unique talent for helping others look and feel beautiful, and to share your enthusiasm for fashion and style.

The online certification is a set of five courses that thoroughly prepare you for a new career as a Personal Stylist: DRES styling, color, face styling, men’s styling, and marketing. Each online course utilizes our founder’s knowledge and years of experience working as professional stylists and running a successful business. The final course even shows you how to set up Your business and create winning marketing material to grow your business.

If you love helping other women become their best selves and have a love of design, color, or style, this online course is a great way to work towards a fulfilling career as a certified stylist on your own time and schedule. Contact us for questions or register to get started today! 

DRES Microsoft Events Not to Miss

We are excited to announce that DRES has been selected by Microsoft as the community partners! This allows us to be featured throughout the month of August in the Bellevue Square store. All August long, we will be sharing the DRES experience through a series of talks and discussions where you can learn how to look your best.

Margaret Spencer will be offering a talk and Q&A, and will be available after each event to share the benefits of the DRES System and answer your questions.

Create a Signature Style

Aug 10th — 2-3pm

Margaret Spencer introduces guests to the simple pleasure of dressing so that you look YOUR best. She will demonstrate how to find your style, and give handy tips on finding and filling in the gaps in your wardrobe.

Dress Your Shape

Aug 15 — 6-7pm

In this discussion, Margaret Spencer demonstrates how to easily find your body shape and explain what garments help you flatter your figure and shine brightest.

How to Wear Color

Aug 17th — 2-3pm

Even with the limited palette most Seattleites favor, no two basic blacks are the same. Margaret Spencer shares the ins and outs of wearing color, how to wear bold colors, and finding your personal best colors.

Selecting Accessories

Aug 22nd — 6-7pm

Jewelry, handbags, shoes, clutches, scarves, glasses, hats, and more! Margaret Spencer shares the styling secrets to getting the most out of your accessories.

Men’s Styling

Aug 30th — 2-3pm

Discover the often overlooked and subtle world of men’s style. Margaret Spencer discusses the elements of the male wardrobe, and how the small and simple style choices make the largest impact.

Come see us at the Bellevue Square Microsoft Store. Park in the west parking garage off of 8th street, ground floor. Driving Directions

What to wear to a Summer Wedding

The dress code terminology for weddings is a set of vague terms that can set even the most modern woman scrambling for a copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette. However, the highly detailed array of terms of decades past are unnecessary- there are really only three categories of dress to prepare for: formal, semi-formal, and casual.

These events are most likely held in the evening, at an elegant ballroom, or the ritziest place in town. The invitation may include terms such as “black tie,” “white tie,” or “black tie optional.” In these fine events, women are expected to wear full length gowns. As it is summer, we suggest a lightweight fabric that will not be too constricting or heavy, such as a silk chiffon or charmeuse. If you feel most comfortable selecting a dress that requires shapewear on a hot day, check out our videos on selecting the right shapewear for you.

The most likely dress code for most weddings is semi-formal, and your local department store is sure to offer a wide array of colorful knee-length cocktail dresses and little black dresses to fulfill your needs. For summer, we strongly suggest you lean towards a colored option, as they are suited for the season.

Unless the invitation directly states “Cowboy casual,” an informal wedding is still no place to attend wearing jeans. Instead, consider what you would wear to an afternoon brunch or baby shower, such as a print sundress or a casual cotton cocktail dress. Separates are also an excellent choice. Your favorite summer sandals would also fit in well at these events, though be sure you can wear your heels over softer terrain if this is an outdoor event!

Whatever the dress code, summer is a great time for exploring your style and favorite colors. A DRES stylist can assist you in ensuring that you are in your personal best colors and wear something cut for your body.

Confident Networking with Elizabeth Tackett

Have you ever wondered if networking was for you, or attended a networking event only to feel overwhelmed and uncertain? Networking can be of great value to you, and in this episode we interview Elizabeth Tackett, the Owner and President of Eastside Women In Business, and the owner of Tackett Internet Marketing and has over 25 years experience in business, management, marketing, and networking. In the video, she shares with us how networking can increase our success and confidence through

  • Shared opportunities
  • Shared knowledge and ideas
  • Shared connections


Have you ever attended a networking event? Let us know in the comments below!


You deserve happiness and to be the best version of you!
With love and gratitude, 
Margaret Spencer & Team DRES

Fit Tips with Shannon Grella

In this episode, we are please to introduce you to Shannon Grella, a successful online health & fitness coach, who after years of struggle with weight fluctuation and trial and error, finally found solutions that work. Her body transformation was featured on Beachbody’s P90X infomercial, and more recently the Beachbody Body Beast infomercial. 

Now, at 49 yrs old, she’s in the best shape of her life, and is passionate about paying it forward by empowering women who are ready to TAKE CONTROL of their bodies and get happy, healthy, and fit.

Shannon’s top 5 fit tips are:

1) Make the decision- and commit to it!
2) Eat breakfast- there are many options to try out.
3) Eat REAL food, and control portions.
4) Make time to exercise.
5) PLAN for success!

Shannon also shares with us a day in her life and the tools she uses to find success.

Do you have any fit tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!


You deserve happiness and to be the best version of you!
With love and gratitude, 
Margaret Spencer & Team DRES

Your Complete Look

Achieving a complete look this summer is easier than ever before. From head to toe, our DRES stylists can help you find what fits, complete your outfits and strengthen your wardrobe. We’ve also got a set of new blog posts to aid your pursuit of truly personalized style.

As the days get hotter, it is finally time to put away the sweaters, blazers, and trousers that make up the majority of your work wear. Find out what to wear in our Summer Wardrobe Essentials blog post.


If you’re having a hard time putting a finger on just what your look is missing, you might just need a little polish. Check out our blog post, Nailing It, and learn how you can use your personal best colors to augment your personal style.

Are you having a hard time finding shoes that match your style and your needs? Our blog post all about finding Your Personalized Shoe Style is exactly what you need to ensure that you can walk with confidence wherever your day takes you.

What is your favorite summer look? Share it with us below! 


You deserve happiness and to be the best version of yourself!
With love and gratitude, Margaret Spencer & Team DRES

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Summer means flip-flops, shorts, and breezy t-shirts- unless it’s your workday. If you’re waking up wondering how to adapt your work clothes to meet the heat, a few wardrobe tweaks are all you need to do to keep cool without going too casual. These five items top our list of the summer workplace wardrobe essentials, and a DRES certified stylist can help you select the right color and style of each to ensure you always look your personal best.

Sleeveless Tanks
Fifty years ago, classy women called these ‘shells,’ and using that term really draws the line between the casual summer tank and the workday tank that you wear for getting elbow deep in hard work. Many are embellished with lace or graphic designs.

Cap Sleeve Cardigans
Thin sweaters that cover your shoulders, cap sleeve cardigans are a great way to keep cool and still retain professionalism. You can wear these open or just do the top button over a nice tank and be considered good to go.

If you’ve ever ended a summer day by taking off your pants and noticing that your waistband was a bit moist from sweating, removing that waistband from your wardrobe will help your body cool itself more efficiently. Dresses should be sleeveless or short-sleeved, to avoid the too-casual look of spaghetti straps. The DRES dress is made out of a lightweight and breathable bamboo cotton blend.

A-line skirts
Straight skirts are wonderful in the cooler months, when hose prevents our thighs from rubbing against each other. However, many women choose to go bare-legged in the hotter months, and the close confines of a straight skirt captures more body heat, especially where the thighs touch. The A-line skirt provides more room on those hot days, keeping us cool and comfortable.

Ankle Pants
If you aren’t a skirt person, these slightly cropped pants can do wonders for you. Spend the day walking about the office with a slight breeze running about your ankles can make a huge difference in body temperature, since your body is not used to the cropped hem.

Cool Colors
Dreaming of vanilla clouds, cerulean seas, fresh dewey grass, and arctic white icebergs? Colors we associate with cold things actually make us feel cooler, and wearing those colors will help you feel cool, calm, and collected even when hundreds of miles separate you from the ocean shores.

Nailing It

By Margaret Spencer

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear from Jane Park, founder and CEO of the extraordinary beauty business most known for their nail polishes, Julep. While sitting in the audience, I know I wasn’t alone in double checking my nails to be sure that my own nails looked great.

Quite often, we are too busy and too focused on paying attention to the details that our job and family require of us that we overlook the small ones, such as getting a manicure or simply painting your nails over the weekend. A personal stylist is a great way to ensure your wardrobe and makeup cabinet are working to your full benefit, and DRES Stylists also help you determine your personal best colors, which includes what is best for your nails. There are two categories of color which your personal best colors are selected from: warm and cool.

Warm colors are those that have a base of red, orange, or yellow that make the color feel as though it gives warmth. We choose warm colors when our own skin has a warm base to it. Some great Julep colors we saw on their website were Lexie, Mariska, and Kristen.

Cool colors are those that have a base of blue, green, or violet that make the color feel as though it is cool to the touch. We select cooler colors when our skin has a cooler base to it. Some great Julep colors we saw on their website were Alice, Claudette and Millie.

Putting the polish on your personal style helps to increase your own confidence and creates a powerful influence over those you work with, as maintaining your nails showcases your personal attention to detail. If you aren’t sure if you are warm or cool toned, a DRES certified stylist can help you create a personalized color pallet, helping you determine your fashion style, best colors, clothing needs and your body’s unique proportions.

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