This week on the DRES Show we are joined by Sue Lundquist, author of two journals and the soon to be released book: Inner Critic Got your Tongue, Proven Tools for Get’n you back to Thankful. She is the president and founder of I’m Thankful, a personal development firm that educates, empowers, and inspires positive changes. 

She shares with us the top 3 tools to regain your Power, Purpose, and live a Positive example as you become your best self:

1) Get rid of your SAS, “sad ass story” and regain your personal power. Let go of your past and move forward!

2) Eliminate that wishy-washy syndrome, so you can gain clarity & confidence on who you are so you can stand in your purpose and speak your truth.

3) Create and foster a positive attitude in GRATITUDE every day! This means embracing the negative when it comes, so that you can remain in a positive state even in the worst of times.

“I am powerful.”

Have you ever fallen prey to wishy-washy syndrome? Share with us your experience and how you plan to change for the better in the conversation below by leaving your comment!

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With love and gratitude, 
Margaret Spencer & Team DRES

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