Brenda Azevedo, DRES System Certified Persoanl Stylist


Brenda is the founder and owner of just B Cosmetics, a custom blending makeup bar located in Sacramento, California.

With more than twenty years in the beauty business and as the former owner of an award-winning day spa, Brenda brings her significant hands-on experience directly to her work. Brenda shares this expertise with her clients to help positively impact how they feel about themselves.


Brenda’s specialty is matching women with the perfect foundation shade and customizing formula for the individual’s unique colors and skin type. Her beauty philosophy is “Be one in a million, not one of a million.”


At the just B Cosmetics studio, Brenda helps her clients discover their best color combinations from the DRES System’s forty-two Ultimate Colors Palette. Colors are chosen to complement skin, eyes, and the unique personality of each client and a custom DRES Colors Palette of forty-two Ultimate Colors is created, complete with a personal StyleGuide.


An individual DRES System face-shape assessment offered by just B Cosmetics uses a detailed formula to assist each client when they want to choose their best hairstyle, eyeglass frames, and accessories that will balance and accentuate their unique facial shape.


Brenda is passionate about teaching and sharing this makeup and color philosophy, and developing the tools women need to do this with ease! Brenda conducts beauty workshops around the country and mentors other makeup artists. She is also an author for My Style, My Way, a beauty consultant for BlogTalkRadio’s “The Fitness IQ,” and has received the “Best Makeup” Award from Sacramento’s KCRA Television’s A-List two years 
in a row.


Check back for sneak previews of book, The Power of DRES, coming out next week!

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