Nancy Hogan, DRES Book Editor



Nancy’s obsession with words started at a young age. As soon as her little brain was developed enough, she began to ask her parents things like, “What does ‘precocious’ mean, Mommy?”
Capitalizing on those secretarial courses she took through high school , she paid her way through college. Although she wanted to be a liberal arts major so she could read all day long, she followed her Dad’s advice to work towards a career in which she could easily support herself.
She had a job lined up before finishing her last quarter as secretary to the program director of KABC Talkradio in Los Angeles. Her secretarial career in show business saw her through eight fun years, and gave her the opportunity to meet and work with some creative and interesting people. Her last gig was working for Mel Brooks as his script secretary on The History of the World–Part I. If you ask her, she might even tell you which joke is hers.
Nancy followed her love for words, editing and writing into publications, marketing, and advertising. She moved to Seattle in 1987, ready for change. The Pacific Northwest has been good to her and, after marrying the Best Husband in the World, she went briefly back to school to update those born-to-edit skills. She launched NancyEdits in 2009 and ever since has enjoyed spending time with her first love: words.

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