by Nancy Hogan Neill, DRES System wordsmith and marketing assistant

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to talk with the articulate and charming Lisa Fischer, who has been a DRES System Certified Personal Stylist since 2009. She answered some questions for me, and her answers speak volumes about the DRES System and its creator, Margaret Spencer.

Q:  Lisa, how did you come across the DRES System?

A:  I attended the NW Women’s Show in Seattle, March 2009. It was there I was introduced to the DRES System, by way of a fashion show. Margaret offered tips and suggestions…on how to dress the four body shapes [Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire] with four diverse…models. I made a beeline for her booth post-show. Fabulous information!

Q:  Why did you decide to take Margaret’s training after you discovered it?

A:  I had researched training courses and client material for several years with various image consulting organizations. I truly felt the DRES System training course offered exactly what I was looking for at an affordable investment.


Q:  How has the DRES System training improved your own knowledge and skills?

A:  The DRES System training provided in-depth information regarding body-shape analysis, including both visual and mathematical assessments. The assessment segment of the training provided me the confidence to articulate correct information to my clients… It took the guesswork out of my consultations. The color training and unique client products have also allowed me to be creative with my clients… [by] offering them either a color range or specific, ultimate colors that work best for their unique skin tone, eye and hair color.

Q:  What has been your greatest experience from the DRES System training?

A:  My greatest takeaway from the DRES System training is the pride I have for Margaret, the DRES System company and the…stylists. I’m honored to represent one-of-a-kind client products and tools to help an individual style her most beautiful self. My work with clients is a lifelong journey.

For the past 10 years, Lisa has been instructing youth and adult classes throughout the Pacific Northwest for Final Touch Finishing School, a nationally recognized industry leader in personal and professional etiquette. She lives in Renton with her husband and three teenagers. She also serves with several business and youth empowerment organizations in her community.

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