In this episode we are answering a viewer’s question, “How can I learn to love my imperfections?” As women dedicated to helping you embrace your best self, we are certainly well acquainted with the struggle of embracing what doesn’t match expectations.

Lisa and I believe that there are 2 things you have to do to conquer this struggle.

1) Focus on the positive. If the only thing you see is that muffin top, you’re going to continue to see it as a big flaw even after it’s whittled down. Focus on the positives instead: What are your best physical assets? What does your best friend compliment whenever she sees you? What does your husband have a hard time keeping his hands off? But most importantly, what part of your body makes you feel proud? Your strong legs, or powerful shoulders? A quirky, irresistible smile?

2) Change your expectations.You’re dedicated to your goals, but they take time to achieve, whether you’re trying to brush and floss as much as the dentist recommends, or getting back to a healthy weight. You aren’t there yet, but you are on the path, and that means you are the best you can be today. Remember to aim for being the best you every day, and the goals you wish to accomplish will follow.

What is your best asset? Engage in the conversation below!

“I focus on how I can improve, not what others think.”

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You deserve happiness and to be the best version of yourself!

With love and gratitude, 
Margaret Spencer & Team DRES
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