Happy New Year and welcome to our first episode of the DRES Show! I am so excited to launch this project as it has been brewing in my mind for years.

Six years ago when I decided to change my career from graphic design and fine art instruction to fashion and personal style instruction, I decided to dedicate myself to creating products that encourage women to feel empowered and live their best life.

The DRES Show comes from the bottom of my heart and soul and I’m so grateful to have Lisa Fischer (DRES Stylist Maven) and Matthew Pew (Director Extraordinaire!) on Team DRES. Each week we are going to share with you secrets to building your confidence and being your best-self!

We will include interviews with amazing women who are models of confidence and are doing great things in the world, answering questions you have about styling, health and happiness, along with some fun makeovers. You will also get a tweetable affirmation to encourage you all week long.

In today’s episode we are going to explore confidence and how to build it and why I’m so passionate about this subject. Watch the video above and join in the conversation in the comments below, We want to hear from you!

“Laughter in your soul and hope in your heart – this will be a beautiful year.” – Melanie K.

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You deserve happiness and to be the best version of yourself! Thank you so much for watching!!

With love and gratitude,
Margaret Spencer & Team DRES

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