by Nancy Hogan Neill, DRES System marketing assistant & wordsmith

Let’s face it: Sometimes it’s just easier to wear what you think everyone else will. You might think to yourself, “Maybe it’s not the best look for me, but no one will notice anyway, and I won’t stand out.”

The hard questions begging to be asked are, “Why don’t I want to be noticed? Am I afraid of standing out?”

Many of us prefer to develop our minds and souls rather than our outward appearances, which many people still consider to be frivolous. Certainly, any 21st-century career worth pursuing requires education and training. And typical career stresses make a settled, peaceful mind critical to one’s well being and self-esteem.


Really, though, it’s a chicken-or-egg-first conundrum: Will I be confident if I look beautiful; Or, will I look beautiful if I feel confident?

Thankfully, looking one’s best via the DRES System can be a wonderful first step to a successful life. Many women, and men, have testified to this truth. See some of them here:

Discovering one’s best everything is a proven process with the DRES System, from the most flattering clothing and colors to the best way to organize one’s closet. It’s a great way to get started on the rest of your life!

What a perfect time of year to gift oneself by purchasing time with a DRES System Certified Personal Stylist, either in person with a local DRES Stylist or via a private, online consultation: Contact us here: Or here:

The DRES System has also successfully developed DRES,  women’s clothing especially designed to flatter your body shape!

Just think: With your best book achieved and your new confidence, isn’t it time to sign up for that accelerated MBA program?

To learn more about the DRES System:

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