by Nancy Hogan Neill, DRES System wordsmith & marketing assistant

Though I’ve been done with formal education for many years, the minute autumn makes itself known with that certain cooler, crisper quality in the air, I get this urge to refresh many life aspects: the house, makeup, wardrobe–and my hairstyle. This all still seems tied somehow to the back-to-school concept.

Some find their first silver strands while in high school! Mine didn’t appear until much later, thankfully. Some years after that, I began tinting my hair back to a lighter version of my natural reddish brown when my current employment ended and, as a mature woman, I sought new work. I felt this subtly helped me find work more quickly and does the same for others, women and men alike. Leah Rozen wrote an excellent article on her viewpoint for the New York Times in late June, “She’s Done With Washing It Away.”


What also helped me, and could be helpful to other women, is that I changed my makeup to more subtle tones for my brunette self. Without gray hair, I didn’t need so much help from brighter eye colors, blush or lipstick. What really surprised me was that people who knew me noticed this! So whether you’re considering changing your hair color from salt-and-pepper, gray or some shade away from silver fox, also think about how that will change other appearance aspects.


This represents an excellent time to contact a DRES System Certified Personal Stylist to help revise everything from your 42 Ultimate Colors, wardrobe and accessory editing and balancing–and certainly to your makeup! Find A Stylist

Using a trained stylist is also a smart investment when it comes to coming up with appropriate interview clothing that may already be in your wardrobe, just in some combination never before considered. At minimal investment, another great option is to purchase one of the DRES System DRES Wear sheaths that’s the right shape for you (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire) and color combination for your skin tones: DRES Wear

And by consulting with a DRES System Certified Personal Stylist, your own time is freed up to concentrate on equally (and more!) important tasks such as updating that dusty resume, completing your LinkedIn profile, and preparing for interviews. Onward!


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