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Summer means flip-flops, shorts, and breezy t-shirts- unless it’s your workday. If you’re waking up wondering how to adapt your work clothes to meet the heat, a few wardrobe tweaks are all you need to do to keep cool without going too casual. These five items top our list of the summer workplace wardrobe essentials, and a DRES certified stylist can help you select the right color and style of each to ensure you always look your personal best.

Sleeveless Tanks
Fifty years ago, classy women called these ‘shells,’ and using that term really draws the line between the casual summer tank and the workday tank that you wear for getting elbow deep in hard work. Many are embellished with lace or graphic designs.

Cap Sleeve Cardigans
Thin sweaters that cover your shoulders, cap sleeve cardigans are a great way to keep cool and still retain professionalism. You can wear these open or just do the top button over a nice tank and be considered good to go.

If you’ve ever ended a summer day by taking off your pants and noticing that your waistband was a bit moist from sweating, removing that waistband from your wardrobe will help your body cool itself more efficiently. Dresses should be sleeveless or short-sleeved, to avoid the too-casual look of spaghetti straps. The DRES dress is made out of a lightweight and breathable bamboo cotton blend.

A-line skirts
Straight skirts are wonderful in the cooler months, when hose prevents our thighs from rubbing against each other. However, many women choose to go bare-legged in the hotter months, and the close confines of a straight skirt captures more body heat, especially where the thighs touch. The A-line skirt provides more room on those hot days, keeping us cool and comfortable.

Ankle Pants
If you aren’t a skirt person, these slightly cropped pants can do wonders for you. Spend the day walking about the office with a slight breeze running about your ankles can make a huge difference in body temperature, since your body is not used to the cropped hem.

Cool Colors
Dreaming of vanilla clouds, cerulean seas, fresh dewey grass, and arctic white icebergs? Colors we associate with cold things actually make us feel cooler, and wearing those colors will help you feel cool, calm, and collected even when hundreds of miles separate you from the ocean shores.

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