We are excited to announce that the DRES System Personal Stylist training and certification program is now available online! This is a great opportunity to nurture and fulfill your unique talent for helping others look and feel beautiful, and to share your enthusiasm for fashion and style.

The online certification is a set of five courses that thoroughly prepare you for a new career as a Personal Stylist: DRES styling, color, face styling, men’s styling, and marketing. Each online course utilizes our founder’s knowledge and years of experience working as professional stylists and running a successful business. The final course even shows you how to set up Your business and create winning marketing material to grow your business.

If you love helping other women become their best selves and have a love of design, color, or style, this online course is a great way to work towards a fulfilling career as a certified stylist on your own time and schedule. Contact us for questions or register to get started today! 

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