by Nancy Hogan Neill, DRES System wordsmith & marketing assistant

Recently I had the chance to interview my fellow DRES System Stylist Training alumnus, Wendy Petersen. When Wendy and I were trained in January, she was already a working stylist. She shared with me her insights into how Margaret Spencer’s training has helped her develop and expand her business.


“When I started my own business, I wanted to be able to offer the most options I could for my clients…I found out about Margaret through her book signing…and I did a little more research.” Wendy saw Margaret’s training as a great way “to expand my scope of services offered to my clients.”


Just like all other DRES System Certified Personal Stylists, Wendy now offers her clients more valuable options than just personal shopping: services such as closet editing and organization based specifically on the client’s exact needs, face-shape analysis, and a full color analysis. Wendy explained that, “some women are very afraid of color. They only wear black and shades of grey. With a little understanding and some basic education…they feel more comfortable wearing color!” So “the world is a brighter place…”

Every DRES System client comes away with accurate, detailed information about her ultimate colors, complete dressing tips and a shopping list based on their Diamond, Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire body shape, plus other tools to help them dress for every occasion that busy women participate in every day.


COMING UP: The terrific new DRES dresses, with photos!

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