By Nancy Hogan Neill, DRES System marketing assistant & wordsmith

Black is the color that so many people wear so much that it seems to have become the modern uniform. A few years ago the owner of a high-end hair salon in New York city became so annoyed that his hair stylists had adopted the Johnny Cash look with such dedication, he felt he was walking into a funeral parlor–so he banned them from wearing it!

And contrary to popular opinion, black does not flatter everyone–no color can do that. Here are five beautiful alternatives to black that will help you stand out by showing off your best self:

Gray or Charcoal: Sometimes moving just a little away from black to charcoal is really all a woman needs to help her complexion and hair color come alive…really!

Navy blue: This is the most crisp-looking basic aside from black, and can lend an air of authority. It can, however, veer into a “uniform” look, so navy works better for casual clothing. A navy blue blazer looks fabulous and preppy paired with distressed jeans, an open-collar shirt and loafers.

Brown: Anyone with brown hair and brown eyes can look stunning wearing this softer alternative to black.

Camel: Same as above! Even farther along the soft color scale, it’s ideal worn against warmer complexion tones.

Khaki to Olive: This is another great alternative that, while colors in this range be harder to match, there’s lots of play with which shade in the “basic khaki” scale works for someone.

Have you tried in the past to wear less black while still looking fabulous, but gave up in frustration?


DRES System to the rescue! With its thoroughly tested and amazing method of defining anyone’s 42 Ultimate Colors out of a comprehensive 500 color choices, finding your own best alternatives to black can be made simple, through self-discovery:


Or by using a DRES System Certified Personal Stylist:

Learn more about the DRES System at — Happy Hunting!

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