Wearing colors that are not good on you can dull your brilliance, making you look tired and ill. They drain the live out of your completion and can be off-putting.

This is not your grandma’s color seasons! When you work with a DRES System Certified Personal Stylist you will be guided towards the shades that bring out your personal best and discover what colors to avoid. You are not trapped into a small set of colors. Instead we show you how to find clothing close to your personal best colors as a point of reference.

We offer two options for discovering your personal colors and both use real fabric swatches.

     1) Color appointment resulting in a personalized DRES Color Palette
     2) Color range assessment resulting in a DRES Color Code Fan

DRES clothing update:
We are working on the development of a full DRES Clothing line that will launch this summer. These will be essential core wardrobe pieces that every woman needs in her wardrobe with a tailored fit. Stay tuned for more details.

“Today I let my light shine!”

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With love and gratitude,
Margaret Spencer & Team DRES

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