by Nancy Hogan Neill, DRES System wordsmith & marketing assistant


The lovely and elegant Corey Urbina has been a DRES System Certified Personal Stylist since 2010. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, she had this to say about Margaret Spencer’s methods for building a working wardrobe:

Q:  Corey, How did you come across the DRES System?

A:  I did an online search and the DRES System came up. 

Q:  Why did you decide to take Margaret’s training after you discovered it?

A:  After speaking with Margaret on the phone, I discovered that we shared many of the same ideas about style.

Q:  How has the DRES System training improved your own knowledge and skills?

A:  The DRES System provided all of the fundamentals and resources that I needed to work effectively with clients: Color analysis, face shape analysis and assessment of body types. 


Q:  What was your greatest takeaway from the DRES System training?

A:  How to structure an initial consultation and determination of a client’s personal style.

Q:  What advice would you give those who are thinking of becoming a personal stylist?

A:  You should be motivated by a desire to educate clients about style and support them in creating a powerful image.



Corey has a Masters degree in counseling, and spent fifteen years managing programs to assist women, children and families. Her education has given her the ability to really listen to her DRES System clients so she can best support their desire to present themselves beautifully in every way.

In addition to her stylist’s page at, she blogs on her own website, Corey additionally writes for an online news site,

Learn more about the DRES System at

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