By Nancy Hogan Neill, Wordsmith and Marketing Assistant

Mid-winter brings some wishful thinking that nature’s transition to spring was already upon us. Here in the Pacific Northwest, our winter was rainy and mild until early January, so ornamental cherry blossoms are already revealing their pink promise of the season to come. Thoughts inevitably follow of what to wear as the warming spring sunshine freshens up your exterior landscape.

The bad news? The choices seem endless, as the Spring 2013 ready-to-wear shows are showing lots of tantalizing possibilities! Think colors like orchid pink, tangerine, chrome yellow, poppy red, aqua and sky blue:

Also you’ll see bold graphics in black and white, often mixed with and color, and floral prints combined with black and/or white. Plus the bold pattern-mixing trend is still with us–and it’s tricky to pull off well.

Here’s a personal favorite: Any similar sheath, with any variation of skirt and sleeve lengths, looks stunning whether you’re 25 or 65!

The good news? Just like you may be, your DRES System Certified Personal Stylist is already thinking about spring and how she can incorporate some of the wonderful new trends into her clients’ wardrobes! Don’t have a DRES Stylist yet? It’s the perfect time!

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