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by Tili Tompson, DRES marketing assistant


As a woman with size 11 feet, one foot wider than the other, and a selectively bold personal style, finding shoes that fit me and my style is the most stressful part of creating outfits. Simple black stilettos and ballet flats might never go out of style, but having the opportunity to personalize my shoes is a confidence booster that can’t be beat.


Shoes of Prey is an Australian brand established in 2009 that allows shoppers to totally customize their flats, heels, wedges, oxfords, sandals, and boots through an easy to use 3D Designer program. Color, cut, size, width, and decoration options are easy to select and combine.
Whether your DRES fashion style is Classic, Chic, Romantic, Ethnic, or Dramatic, we have discovered one brand that serves all DRES style types: Shoes of Prey.


To design a shoe that fits your gracious, refined and sophisticated look, we recommend you take advantage of choosing a moderate heel height that you are comfortable in. This means no more teetering around in too-tall shoes, or scuffing your heels in flats!

For a shoe that fits your modern, self-assured and sharp aesthetic, try playing with their oxfords in your personal best colors. Oxfords are a great look for the chic lady looking to step out in something new.

The woman who is always friendly, casual, and whimsical must try out the sandal options available. You can personalize heels with a floral or lace to add just the right touch of lightness to your step.

To design a shoe that fits your diverse, authentic and cultural style, we recommend the bootie in a neutral colored snakeskin or fishskin. Of course, that leaves the sole and heel to feature your favorite color.

Looking for a shoe that fits your energetic, exciting and strong style, but is also accepted at work? You’ll be amazed at how you can jazz up a ballet flat with bold colors or low heel silhouette to wear out with the girls after a hard day at the office.

DRES Stylists can help you select a shoe or outfit that fits your personal style. 

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