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Margaret Spencer
Founder & CEO

The DRES System was born out of my desire to help women improve their self-condence. Tired of seeing women’s body shapes labeled with unattering terms, I created the DRES System to improve the way we look at our bodies and ourselves.

I used my business background in art and design to develop the DRES System, and the result is a collection of tools and support to help women feel confident and become their best-self. The DRES System empowers women to recognize their inherent beauty and to look and feel amazing.

DRES System Certified Personal Stylists empower women with knowledge and confidence. We are committed to improving the way women view their bodies by teaching the importance of inner beauty and confidence. Our approach to wardrobing is creative, compassionate and empowering.
I wish for you what I wish for myself: to be my best-self and live a fulfilled life!

Margaret Spencer
Founder & CEO

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DRES System Ceritifed Personal Stylists are Independent Consultants. Select a Personal Stylist below to schedule an appointment or setup a FREE services phone consultation. Not sure who to choose? Contact us for a recommendation!


Anchorage              Debbie Rounds


Claremont              Cleo Spencer


Portland                 Kat Smith

Tigard                     Anna Leef

South Carolina

Greenville              Corey Urbina


Marble Falls           Karina Solorzano


Black Diamond       Mary Angelosante

Everett                        Lori Goddard-Weed

Federal Way             David St John

Seattle                       Juliet Graves

Seattle                       Wendy Petersen

South Sound           Linda Sue Evans

How It Works

The DRES System is a scientific and artistic method of finding what fits you in a personalized way. Your Certified DRES Stylist will get to know you through supportive and inspiring one-on-one consultations to help you reach your full potential. There’s no judgment – we’re here to help!


“I’m a bookkeeper, so my brain works great with numbers. Not so great with anything artistic, including dressing myself to showcase the best me. In three visits to my home she, organized my closet, dened my style and colors and shopped for new clothes (all activities I don’t enjoy). A month later I had a dierent view and a more positive outlook. It even inspired me to go on a diet, and I’ve lost 30 pounds so far! I now go into my closet and am better able to pick out what to wear without it causing me anxiety or stress.”

- Linda Cavanaugh (sapphire)


“I have always struggled with nding clothes that t me just right. I don’t know how many times I have gone to the mall only to come home in total frustration. Usually, I try on 50 dierent things and nd something wrong with each one of them. For some reason, the clothes always look better on the hanger, only to make me want to scream when I try them on. DRES System helped me understand my body type and why certain things look better than others. They used a very creative system to describe my body shape.

- Jenny Romler, (emerald)

Web Designer

“I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE my clothes and have gotten wonderful comments on everything that I have been wearing. It is amazing the condence I have when wearing something I love and I know looks good on me. I have not only gotten comments on how good the clothes look, but how good I look and some people have even noticed a dierent condence about me by the way I am carrying myself when wearing them. I am actually looking forward to going shopping again.”

- Kristi Walter (diamond)

Business Owner

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