This is the second in a series of four videos on shapewear where we are featuring one of the four DRES body shapes. Last month Lisa Fischer shared with us the best shapewear for the Emerald (Rectangle) body shape. This month she is sharing tips on finding shapewear for the Sapphrie (Pear) body shape.

The Sapphire Body Shape
Slim bust and shoulders with fuller hips and or thighs. The goal for this shape is to focus on the elegant neckline and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. While emphasizing the slender waist, we want to smooth and slim the hip area at the same time.

Features To Look For

• The open bust-mid thigh shapewear offers overall smoothing throughout the torso and waist while slimming the lower body.

• The high waist-mid thigh shaper is another great alternative.

• The waist to mid-thigh shaper, (shorts) you will find is perfect for smoothing and slimming the targeted hip area.


Be sure to look for the Ruby (Inverted Triangle) Body Shape coming next month. What’s you’re gem body shape? Find out at Let us know in the comments below.

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