What better time to showcase your personal style than during the holidays. Whether your plans include an annual company party, good cheer with friends, or taking your child to see Santa, you can commemorate every event by wearing clothes that represent who you are and how you want to express yourself.  Perhaps sequins show your dramatic side, or velvet suits your classic sensibilities.   Maybe a ruffled satin blouse brings out your romantic nature. When you dress with intent, you herald each occasion as noteworthy.  You also invest yourself more fully in each moment. 

If you think back on previous holidays, you may very well recall the outfits that you and your loved ones wore on a given year.  Did your mom always wear a favorite rhinestone necklace?  Do the men in your family follow the holiday theme tie tradition?  These little clothing details weave their way into your subconscious, making the remembering of cherished times that much richer.

No matter how you spend the holidays and who you share them with, make lasting memories and enjoy affirming your authentic style. Above all, let your image capture the joy you hold in your heart.




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