What’s My Body Shape?

What’s My Body Shape?

We understand that getting dressed is not easy for everyone, and that appearance can be a very emotional issue. We created the DRES System of identifying body shapes as either a precious Diamond, Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire, to instill value, self-worth and pride in the uniqueness of each figure. The days of being labeled a “pear” or a “rectangle” are over! Our DRES Stylists will help you see the beauty in you!

How To Determind Your Body Shape

1) Grab a mirror and a yardstick

2) Stand facing the mirror straight on.

3) Hold the measuring stick so it aligns to your shoulder and hip.

4) If the yard stick is a straight verticle, you are either a Diamond or Emerald body shape. If there is at least 2″ distance from your waist to the yardstick on one side, then you are a Diamond. If there is not, you are an Emerald.

5) If the top of the yardstick tilts out at the shoulder area, than you are a Ruby. If the top of the yardstick tilts in at the top, you are a Sapphire.

All shapes are valuable and should be treasured. We will help you dress for your body shape and take the stress out of shopping with the DRES System.


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