Who We Are

Margaret Spencer, Founder & Master Image Stylist

Welcome! I’m so glad you are reading this and interested in investing in yourself!

The DRES System was born out of my desire to help women improve their self-confidence. Tired of seeing women’s body shapes labeled with unflattering terms, I created the DRES System to improve the way we look at our bodies and ourselves.

I used my background in art, design and business to develop the DRES System, and the result is a collection of tools and support to help women feel confident and become their best-self. This system empowers women to recognize their inherent beauty and to look and feel amazing.

The DRES System is shared DRES System Certified Personal Stylists to empower women with knowledge and confidence. I am committed to improving the way women view their bodies by teaching the importance of inner beauty and confidence. Our approach to wardrobing is creative, compassionate and empowering.

We understand that getting dressed is not easy for everyone, and that appearance can be a very emotional issue. Margaret Spencer created the DRES System of identifying body shapes as either a precious Diamond, Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire, to instill value, self-worth and pride in the uniqueness of each figure. The days of being labeled a “pear” or a “rectangle” are over! Our DRES Stylists will help you see the beauty in you!

Fashion stylists and personal shoppers are not just for the rich and famous. Our vision is to create the opportunity for every woman to have a DRES Stylist, much like having a hairstylist. We have trained stylists across the country to make personal styling services accessible and affordable. Our goal is for every woman to experience the confidence that comes from having an appropriate image and just the right clothes in her closet that fit and enhance her shape.

Are you ready to step into your brilliance?

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